7 Reasons You Might Consider Dissolution Over Traditional Divorce

Dec 8, 2023

Taking the first step toward ending your marriage can be a challenging and emotionally charged experience, especially when faced with the complexities of Ohio’s legal landscape. As you and your spouse confront the decision to separate your once intertwined lives, the choice between a traditional divorce and a dissolution of marriage becomes a pivotal consideration. Understanding the nuances of each option is crucial, as they carry distinct implications for time, cost, and emotional well-being.

In this blog, we’ll be going into detail about what a dissolution of marriage actually is, and then providing you with a few reasons why it might be the right option for you as opposed to a traditional divorce.

Dissolution Of Marriage: What It Actually Means

A dissolution of marriage is essentially a no-fault legal separation, similar to an uncontested divorce. With it, a couple gains all of the benefits of divorce without officially having to terminate the marriage. It is also easily able to be reinstituted, should the couple reconcile and decide to be together once more.

To seek a dissolution, both spouses must agree on every aspect of the separation – including child support, custody, visitation, relocation, property division, and more – and it must remain uncontested from start to finish. Even one minor disagreement where neither spouse elects to concede would mean that dissolution is not an option, as they will not be able to seek further mediation or litigation. Anyone seeking a dissolution should still secure experienced legal representation to help them navigate each step correctly and effectively.

Some couples are not in a place where opting for a dissolution is possible, and they have no choice but to seek a traditional divorce. However, if you feel as if your individual circumstances could allow for a dissolution and you are willing to consider both options, here’s a deeper look into 7 reasons why people choose this route over traditional divorce:

  1. Both spouses agree on all aspects of the separation.

As already stated, you may only seek a dissolution if you and your spouse agree on every single issue pertaining to your divorce, whether that be how your assets and debt will be divided, whether or not one spouse will pay spousal support (alimony), every child-related matter, and even who will take care of the dog! Again, mediation and litigation are not part of the dissolution process, so these matters must have already been worked through – and agreed upon – by you and your spouse.

  1. Dissolutions happen faster than divorces.

It can take as little as 30 days for a dissolution to be completed in Ohio, as opposed to the average 68 days it takes for an uncontested divorce, and 12 to 18 months that it could take a contested divorce, depending on the level of conflict.

  1. Dissolutions are cheaper than divorce.

Divorces, both contested and uncontested, are very pricey due to filing fees, court costs, and attorney fees. Most of the expenses associated with divorce are accrued because a couple continues to disagree, which drags the case out and requires court appearances. In dissolution, there is much less court involvement, and because you and your spouse have already hashed out the details and come to an agreement, there is also less attorney involvement. The filing fees associated with dissolution are also much cheaper than divorce.

  1. Dissolutions are generally less stressful to go through.

Everyone handles stress differently, so it’s impossible to say that seeking a dissolution means you won’t endure any stress at all, but many couples find that having more control of the decision-making leads to less stress and a more satisfactory resolution. Moreover, choosing the route of divorce likely means you will have to appear in court at some point, which can be overwhelming for a lot of people. This is why some choose to protect their mental health by seeking a dissolution.

  1. Dissolutions offer more privacy than divorce.

Because dissolutions don’t require court involvement until the final hearing, and you and your spouse are handling your issues privately, your personal and financial information won’t need to be “aired out” and end up becoming a matter of public record.

  1. Dissolutions keep the spouses in control of the major decision-making.

Couples seeking dissolutions have no choice but to openly and directly communicate about the issues at hand in order to finalize the terms of their separation. This allows for them to come up with more personalized – and even unorthodox – solutions that meet their unique needs. This level of customization ensures that the agreements reflect the dynamics of their relationship and family, providing a more satisfactory outcome for both parties.

  1. Dissolution allows for couples to establish a cooperative and positive co-parenting foundation.

Divorce can often be adversarial in nature, but dissolution encourages both spouses to work together in crafting a parenting plan that reflects the best interests of their children. The collaborative approach inherent in dissolution helps parents to address the specific needs and unique concerns of the children they share, facilitating a smoother transition for the children and setting the stage for ongoing communication and collaboration between ex-spouses.

Other Things To Consider When Choosing Between Divorce And Dissolution

Dissolution is not the right choice for anyone in an abusive marriage, and you should find an attorney as soon as possible to help keep you safe while you file for divorce. It is also not for anyone who believes that their spouse may be hiding assets from them.

Furthermore, not everyone can get a dissolution of marriage in Ohio. Neither spouse can be pregnant – you must wait until after the baby is born. You must also have lived in Ohio for at least 6 months prior to filing, and for at least 90 days in the county you’re filing in.

Let Dailey Law Offices Help You Consider All Your Options

Still feeling unsure of whether you should seek a dissolution of marriage or a traditional divorce? Allow Dailey Law Offices to guide you to clarity. We can get to know you and the circumstances surrounding your separation, as well as the goals you wish to accomplish in ending your marriage. Then, we can effectively and gracefully navigate you down that path. Call today to schedule your free consultation and learn more!

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