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Mediation and Divorce-Why it's a great idea.

The majority of clients who walk through my front door want an amicable divorce. They have been communicating effectively with their spouse and both parties have been able to compromise on most issues. However, there is always that one issue-usually involving children if there are any-or some sort of financial obligation, like spousal support, that the parties just can’t seem to work through. Should you just throw in the towel and roll up your sleeves and prepare for a long legal battle-usually the answer to that is no! Try mediation. It can work with agreeable, reasonable, rational people-that sums up most of my clients. I offer mediation services to couples who aren’t my client, but I can also set up mediation with a third party for couples where I do represent a client. If you don’t want to spend the money and time involved in the divorce process call me today at (614) 524-4048 to talk about how mediation can help you with an amicable termination to your marriage.