Limited Scope Representation


Limited Scope Representation

What is Limited Scope Representation? When an attorney is retained to assist a client with their legal matter in a capacity that is less than full representation then a client has limited scope representation. For example, if a client comes in and can’t afford the flat rate fee for a full representation of a dissolution or uncontested divorce then they might pay half the price for the attorney to draft all of the necessary pleadings but the client is responsible for filing all paperwork and representing themselves at their final hearing. Limited Scope Representation is a more affordable way to resolve some legal issues.

What sort of Legal Matters are Manageable From a Limited Scope Representation Perspective?

Not all legal matters are a good idea for clients to tackle on their own. Custody issues and contested divorces, full administration probate estates, bankruptcy and estate planning are some examples where a client should always seek full representation. However, if a client is dealing with a dissolution, uncontested divorce, or some simple probate matters, with the right guidance and assistance from an attorney with drafting, the client can usually complete these types of matters on their own and save a lot of money in doing so.

Limited Scope Representation Isn’t for Everyone

If you do not want to appear in Court on your own, can’t deal with the probability of asking some questions and being directed to some different places at the Court house, or simply are too busy to deal with the hassle of doing some of the work on your own, then limited scope representation is not for you.

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