Dublin, OH Child Custody Lawyer

Dublin, OH Child Custody Lawyer

Custody matters can be emotionally, mentally, and logistically taxing, and most people who attempt to solve those problems on their own end up realizing how valuable the help of a skilled attorney is. Having a lawyer step in doesn’t always mean that things are tense between you and your child’s other parent, or that you have a lot of conflict. The knowledge and experience of our Dublin child custody lawyer, Stephanie Dailey can open up a vast inventory of creative solutions for you and your circumstances. She understands that when it comes to your kids, you aren’t willing to settle for less!

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Dublin Child Custody Lawyer

Are There Alternatives To Courtroom Litigation?

There are many methods that can be used to resolve custody matters that don’t require contentious courtroom litigation. In fact, these methods are growing in popularity with every passing year. Alternatives like mediation and collaboration are options that can save both parties an immense amount of time, money, and excess stress. Typically, people feel much more comfortable engaging in open discussion and searching for resolutions outside of the court setting.

In mediation, a neutral third-party mediator facilitates discussion between the parents to help them come to mutually beneficial agreements, but does not offer legal advice or guidance. In collaboration, the parents still seek mutually beneficial agreements, but are represented by their own attorneys who aid them with legal advice and guidance.

Unfortunately, some cases do require the intervention of a judge. Our skilled Dublin child custody lawyer is an adept litigator and will defend your interests in court if it becomes necessary. Dailey Law Offices will put you in the best possible position for achieving the outcome you desire.

What Do Parenting Plans In Ohio Typically Entail?

Your parenting plan is the document which will address the many aspects of shared parenting, and our Dublin child custody lawyer will assist you in ensuring your plan meets the unique needs of your family. You must address three topics: residential custody, legal custody, and child support. There are a host of other topics that can be included in the plan, and the more detailed the plan can be, the more successful the co-parenting relationship can potentially be. Those topics include:

  • How disagreements will be resolved
  • How expenses will be split
  • Who will claim the children as dependents
  • The protocol for a parent’s relocation
  • How child exchanges will take place
  • Children’s schedule specifics
  • Periodic schedule review
  • Response time between parents
  • Sharing information
  • Parent-child communication
  • New partners
  • And more.

Why Choose Our Dublin Child Custody Lawyer?

Custody matters can quickly become strained due to the intense emotions parents have when it comes to their kids. It’s natural to want to fiercely protect your children and the time you’ll spend with them. But when things get tense, you might not be able to think judiciously and make the decisions that are in your kids’ best interest. The Dailey team will be there to make sure you remain focused on the issues at hand, and can think beyond the present. If your children are young, you have many years left to co-parent, so what you think might be the right choice now may end up complicating matters later on down the road.

Our lead Dublin child custody lawyer has handled hundreds of cases, so she’s seen a broad variety of situations – likely even one that was similar to yours. Our firm will support you in any way you need, and can even provide you with additional resources that may add value to your future co-parenting relationship. Call today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how Dailey Law Offices can serve you and your family!

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