Dublin, OH Estate Planning Lawyer

Dublin, OH Estate Planning Lawyer

You have worked tirelessly your whole life to build up your wealth, not only to have financial security during your Golden Years, but also to be able to gift a portion to those you love most. However, without a comprehensive estate plan to protect your assets, they are likely to end up in places you don’t want them to – like with the IRS or other government entities.

Our Dublin estate planning lawyer can help ensure that you remain in control of your hard-earned wealth even after you’re gone. Estate plans also allow you to make proactive decisions for the future in case an illness or other tragedy prevents you from being able to speak for yourself.

Our lead attorney, Stephanie Dailey, will take the time to get to know you and your unique needs to create a plan that closely aligns with your overarching goals. She has 20 years of legal experience and is seasoned in Ohio probate and estate laws. You can trust our team to protect your best interests!

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Dublin Estate Planning Lawyer

What Does An Estate Plan Entail?

Our skilled Dublin estate planning lawyer offers a package which contains the following legal tools:

Will – You likely already know that this document is where you list out all of your assets and the individual you’d like to inherit them. You can also name a guardian for your minor children, as well. Finally, you will name the executor – someone you trust inherently – to carry out the instructions of the will, manage the estate’s affairs, and ensure that your final wishes are fulfilled.

Living Will – This document is also known as an advance directive, and it allows you to specify the type of medical care you’d like to receive in the face of an emergency which leaves you unable to speak for yourself. For example, you could state that you do not want to be resuscitated, intubated, or be subject to other forms of artificial life support. With this tool, you can maintain your bodily autonomy and preserve your dignity, no matter what health battles you may face.

Financial Power of Attorney – Power of attorney is a general tool which allows you to authorize a trusted individual to make legal decisions on your behalf, but financial power of attorney only pertains to financial decisions. If something prevented you from paying your bills or taking care of other important financial matters, your agent could step in and complete them for you.

Healthcare Power of Attorney – Similarly, healthcare power of attorney allows you to authorize a trusted individual to make medical decisions on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself.

Simple Family Trust – Trusts are financial entities to which you transfer your assets to be managed for the benefit of your beneficiaries.

What Is The Benefit Of Having An Estate Plan?

There are many advantages to working with our experienced Dublin estate planning lawyer to create an estate plan, both during your lifetime and after it. With a comprehensive plan that includes tools like a living will and power of attorney, you have a safety net in place that can minimize the impact a tragedy could cause to your life. With a plan that includes a simple family trust, your assets can bypass the complicated and expensive Ohio probate process and pass quickly, seamlessly, and directly to your heirs. An estate plan ensures that your family’s wealth stays in your family’s hands, and that you are in control until the end. This limits the involvement of the government in your personal and financial affairs, allowing you to protect your privacy.

Why Choose Our Dublin Estate Planning Lawyer?

With the rise of cheap legal resources online that allow individuals to “DIY” their estate plan, you may be feeling compelled to attempt it on your own. However, the risks involved with a poorly executed estate plan can cause a lot of problems for your family down the road, and you won’t even be around to help them sort it out. The guidance of our knowledgeable Dublin estate planning lawyer is invaluable and can give you the peace of mind you need to move forward with confidence. Call today to schedule your free consultation and let’s take the first step together!

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