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If you and your spouse would like to go through a legal separation and believe you can cooperate to a useful extent, talk to Dailey Law Offices about dissolution. In simple terms, dissolution is effectively a no-fault separation, not unlike an uncontested divorce. Assuming your dissolution is uncontested and can stay that way from start to finish, you and your spouse can utilize full service packages offered by Hilliard attorney Stephanie Dailey, which upfront pricing and streamlined processes.

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How Is Dissolution Different From Divorce?

Ending your marriage with a divorce is quite final. For many couples, divorcing is simply too large of a leap to make when they think they might be able to one day fix their relationship with their spouse. Other couples cannot divorce completely due to personal reasons, like religious beliefs that bar divorce. More still might not want to end their marriage and lose tax or insurance benefits that cease upon divorce.

Dissolution is a form of legal separation, though. It can essentially bring all the benefits of divorce and go through all the same processes, but it never officially terminates the marriage. After a dissolution, it is comparatively easy to reinstitute the marriage, should the couple decide they would be happier together again.

In dissolution, like divorce, you will want to consider:

Since a dissolution is uncontested by definition, you and your spouse must be willing to work together and decide upon how to solve these issues without needing further mediation or litigation. Remember that the convenient full service packages offered by Dailey Law Offices are only usable in uncontested dissolutions or divorces. Failing to agree upon a solution and making your legal separation contested will invalidate the special pricing options offered in the full service package. Learn more about dissolution by reading a blog written by our trusted Hilliard Divorce Attorney.

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