Hilliard, OH Custody Lawyer

Hilliard, OH Custody Lawyer

When you made the decision to end your marriage, you likely realized that you would have to soon consider how you and your former spouse would share time with your children. It can be almost paralyzing for some parents to have to come to terms with their children not being in their care 24/7, but with the aid of an attentive family attorney who listens to your concerns and advocates for the best interests of your kids, it is possible to craft a parenting plan that suits your unique needs and gives you peace of mind. 

Our lead Hilliard child custody lawyer, Stephanie Dailey, is committed to doing just that. She will navigate you through this emotional and sensitive matter with intelligence and grace, ensuring you are satisfied with the outcome. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about how Dailey Law Offices can serve you!

Hilliard Child Custody Lawyer

Contested vs. Uncontested Custody

Here in the Buckeye state, custody matters during divorce can be categorized as either contested or uncontested, depending on whether the parents agree on the terms.

In an uncontested custody case, both parents reach an agreement on custody and visitation arrangements without the need for court intervention. Parents will typically work together – either in mediation or through collaboration – to create a mutually acceptable parenting plan which outlines details like physical and legal custody, visitation schedules, and decision-making authority.

Alternatively, in contested custody cases, the parents cannot agree on at least one aspect of custody and visitation, which warrants the need for court intervention. A judge will issue the final decision based on the best interests of the children, which usually pertains to:

  • The child’s preferences
  • The child’s relationship with parents, siblings, and others
  • The potential adjustment that would be made in the child’s home, school, and community
  • The mental and physical health of all involved 
  • Whether there is a history of abuse, domestic violence, or neglect
  • Each parent’s ability to provide a stable environment
  • The level of cooperation between the parents
  • Each parent’s work schedule and availability

Whether your custody matter is contested or uncontested, you can depend on our skilled Hilliard child custody lawyer to protect your children and be your diligent advocate.

Custody Modifications After Divorce

Though custody arrangements should be created with longevity in mind, certain events could warrant a change to your agreements after they are finalized, or even after they have been in effect for several years. Whichever parent is seeking the modification must file a Motion to Modify whatever aspect of the current custody agreement they want changed. A hearing will be set to determine whether the modification is agreed upon by both parents. If they don’t, they each have an opportunity to present their evidence and a judge will determine if the modification is necessary. 

Some possible catalysts to a custody modification are:

  • One parent relocating 
  • A change in parental circumstances (such as career obligations or finances)
  • Instances of domestic abuse, violence, or neglect
  • Violations of the current order
  • The child is consistently in a dangerous environment
  • Preferences of the child
  • Criminal convictions 
  • And more

If you are seeking a custody modification, especially if your child’s safety and well-being is at stake, it is crucial that you contact our skilled Hilliard child custody lawyer as soon as possible, so that she can immediately begin the process on your behalf.

Allow A Compassionate Hilliard Child Custody Lawyer To Support Your Family When You Need It Most

Struggling through custody matters may leave you feeling isolated and hopeless, but you don’t have to go through this alone. Our team is prepared to support you in any way possible and seek the most positive outcome to your case. Mrs. Dailey has nearly two decades of family law experience and is committed to serving each and every client with personalized attention and exceptional service. Call today to schedule your free consultation and discover your legal options today.

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